Me, Myself, & I

Am I talking about Ricky? I don’t know their names. He’s a little, bearded guy, and I think he said he was Cuban. Anyway, if you are, you have excellent taste

Anonymous said

post a video jerking off!

learn to say please! Plus I’m not in the mood.

Thank you, but I’m what is considered a gold star gay.

I always found myself being attracted to older guys, Unfortunately I’m getting older, so the age thing isn’t as clear as it was in the past. Plus there is this one guy on the show So You Think You Can Dance. He’s probably like 20 (hopefully no younger), and I think he’s adorable.

He needs to be hot, complex, so a lot of layers, and be comforting. It’s okay if he’s a little cheesy. I think I just described a lasagna.

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